Month: May 2019

Non-earmarked loan becomes more expensive

The financiers calculated the average interest rate on a non-earmarked loan without a guarantor and collateral. Officially, on February 5, it reached 23.09% per annum.In comparison with the previous indicator, the new rose by 0.22%. The figure may not seem significant, but this growth occurred in just one calendar month. Loan became more expensive due […]

“Affiliate” Costs: Be Careful With Them!

When purchasing a product or service is very common to forget the costs “affiliated” to that purchase. With this, many have come across gaping at the full value of a purchase, and the worst, empty pocket. Are you wondering how this is possible? Let’s give you some examples to follow, check out: The costs affiliated […]

Independent credit comparison assists in the election

Nowadays, an independent credit comparison is simply one of them: Study shows that favorable loan rates are the most important criterion for German borrowers when borrowing. More information here. On the Internet there are numerous credit calculators that can be used by consumers. As we reported earlier, online comparison portals in Germany are becoming increasingly […]