“Affiliate” Costs: Be Careful With Them!

When purchasing a product or service is very common to forget the costs “affiliated” to that purchase. With this, many have come across gaping at the full value of a purchase, and the worst, empty pocket.

Are you wondering how this is possible? Let’s give you some examples to follow, check out:

The costs affiliated in:



If you are a reader of our blog you should have noticed that we always stress the importance of analyzing the Total Effective Cost of the loan.

Given that, hiring a loan includes extra expenses that are sometimes not expected by the borrower, such as, for example, some expenses with a registration or insurance.

However, the TEC will gather each affiliate value in the operation, so be sure to check it to avoid surprises.

Buying a property

Buying a property

Having a home of your own is the answer that is on the tip of many people’s tongue when asked what they dream about.

They see the property as an opportunity to make money grow by renting it.

And there is no problem in that.

The mistake is not to think about the affiliated costs, such as real estate, income tax and the possibility of paying IPTU and condominium if the property is not rented.

  • Buy or rent a property? Which is the best choice?

Live for rent

personal loan

Renting a home without financial planning can be a trap, especially for the younger ones , who often end up returning home from their parents.

This happens due to affiliated costs.

To rent a house you need to consider the basic bills besides rent, like light, water, gas, etc.

New car

New car

When they say that buying a vehicle is like having a family, they really are being assertive.

A car has many affiliated costs, since its total cost exceeds the amount you can pay cash.

In advance of the purchase, it is recommended to calculate the expenses with dispatcher and insurance. Also think that you will have to pay for IPVA, fuel and periodic maintenance.

These were some of the examples that are described as obvious, but in practice many end up getting caught up in not considering affiliated costs.

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